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Facebook Privacy (final project) ENJOY!

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The Algorithm

Is the set of rules we learn when we play the game “The Sims” that we need to cheat to survive (why so many simple cheats exist maybe)? Or that we are supposed to be patient, keep our sims in pleasant moods, keep them going to work keep their bars green? Similarly with Vice City it seems that the algorithm here is “take what you need take what you want and destroy”. Are these ways of life cool because we don’t live them out in everyday life? Is the player of the game supposed to feel remorse when he beat and steals a pocket book from an elderly woman? What is the point to learning the ways of the game? Is any of it purposeful to teach the player something about reality or is it simply about living out the fantasy of a relatively lawless life?

The idea of consumerism in the sims is very interesting. If you play by the rules it will take you forever to buy the items that are supposed to make your life simpler. this seems closely aligned to reality. If I spend all my time working to buy a nice car i will be miserable and once I buy the car all that happens is I have a car and will probably continue to work for the next expensive thing I want. Without cheats the game “the sims” exemplifies not living in the moment and enjoying what is right in front of you. The cheats, an equal part of the game teach us that we can have what we want when we want it. and that is positive for a carpe diem lifestyle just not a very believable one.


music revolution

“And without laws and rules governing such behavior, the Internet will devolve toward anarchy, rather than evolve into a powerful tool for e-commerce and individual empowerment.”

We have discussed the internet being a model, a try for a communistic anarchistic community. I see nothing wrong with this. control is for books is for the world of literature. the internet is for everyman as far as writing and blogging and journalism go…I think it is more an issue of allowing change adapting to change…it looks like we’re heading towards a free-er world considering everyone cannot be stopped from downloading pirated music. it’s a REVOLT of sorts. the people stand strong illegally downloading music maybe what they are trying to say is music should be free its not something that should be bought and sold but shared? I don’t know if this is right or wrong but it’s what is being said (if only subliminally) by the people downloading.

Wiki Wiki

It is interesting to think of wikipedia as sort of a thesis for a paper about the philosophy of truth. How that differs for individuals and in the end comes together into one informative document. Collaboration is an interesting concept but how can everyone be trusted how can everyone be correct?

My teachers won’t let me site wikipedia…so what does that say about its accuracy and usefulness ?


It sort of scares me to think of blogging as new age journalism. not only will we lose the tactility of a physical newspaper but how can we weed through news and just angsty feeling pieces. however i do think that newspapers and journalism in general can be very biased and it would be a good way to get many opinions but what is trustworthy?

I have a friend who simply blogs about the events of her day like a journal and even though this news is pressing and interesting for her…to me it doesn’t really matter.

The one truly interesting thing i see in blogging is the idea that you get to move backwards, the idea that you watch the person digress. and you see the trains of realization chugging into the ignorant past.

Is it useful to read raw thought? this goes against so much of what our culture is based on. final drafts polished ideas however there is definitely a lot to be said for the stream of consciousness style! it is cool to read and a great way to get thoughts out quickly however i have always thought that it was a more successful tool for the writer themselves and not random readers who may find it difficult to follow…but if our culture and world are in route to more authentic opinionated interactions then this is the right path to take.

Shared Projects

This reading reminded me of doing lab reports on Google Docs senior year of high school. The fear had always been either I will do all the work but the teacher won’t know or my partner will do all the work and tell the teacher I slacked off.

Google Docs was the answer it recorded what and when each person contributed so you couldn’t slack off or do all the work without it being seen. Also it was exciting to see a collaborative work fall into place all on the same online page.

Common space when the rules are followed purely and there is truly no claiming of property then it is a great way to accomplish a communicative community based work. I was surprised to read how large the collaborative groups could be sometimes up to a thousand and still it sounded as though they were still cohesive successful works!

HMMM the long tail.

I am intrigued by the concept of the long tail. I definitely appreciate that it “embraces niches” because as I’ve gotten older my music taste has strayed from what i hear on the radio. Actually this is probably because I hear this same music on the radio so much that it loses any real feeling for me. Its so cool that there is a system in which the “nonhits” added together create a “bigger market” than the hits themselves.

Amazon is a big help. So is itunes and pandora who both use the “just for you idea”. i have bought songs off itunes that were suggested to me based on previous purchases. I think its crazy that one song or book can catapult others (similar yet more obscure) into popular existence. The enemy becomes the friend the competition, a parent. And so it goes. Also there is such a movement of independence as a means of reaching authenticity these days. If it’s indie it’s probably better less processed you know like organic food. Thus, there is more need for the long tail and the ability to find random songs and books that are not made to please everyone.

Agrippa is Awesome!

Agrippa is a metaphor for itself! I love it! The poem is disappearing the way history and life and photographs fade. it is a nostalgic poem and as you are reading it you are also losing it which makes you feel the sadness of the passing of time.

This is the perfect way of presenting this media also there’s something about scrolling text that makes you feel the need to grab it up and read it! when things are fleeting people feel the need to “carpe diem”! thus this media for this poem is very effective!



somewhat annoying but seriously cool! HUSKIES ARE THE NEW PARROTS duh.