Truly a digital experience

As much as I am going to miss the class, I’m also excited for the new year. It seems surreal that this is the end to my first year here at Pomona. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move on but I realized that I’m also ready for summer.
Over the course of this class I really enjoyed the fact that the readings were available online. Not only did it save me a lot of money on textbooks but it also helped with accessibility. I was able to read for class at any point of the day on my ipod or on my laptop.
Wave came to be a really nifty tool as well, it had all of the notes and discussions so I was able to review them later.

The only technology/software I didn’t enjoy working with was Sophie. I can see however, that a lot of my peers really got familiar with Sophie and many used it for their final project. I’m a film/web guy myself so I liked the idea that Sophie had but I did not like their frustrating software.

When it comes to Audacity, I can’t really say much because I like to work in Garageband. Same with video editors. I’m mostly familiar with imovie and even though people talk smack about it and how its for novices, I have come to really like it. I’ve done most of my work on it and I can say that my work in I-movie has rivaled work done on Final Cut.
Overall, the class has been great and it helped me decide to major in Media Studies.

Professor Fitzpatrick, you are great and I hope you have a great summer and upcoming year. As for all the people in class, it was good getting to know you and hopefully see you around campus.

P.S. Since I don’t cry, I’ll have this guy show my emotions. haha


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