Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been both a challenging and rewarding class for me. As I’ve demonstrated a couple times this semester, I tend to be pretty incompetent when it comes to technology, so there were definitely a number of frustrating moments. That said, one of my few concrete goals for this class was to become more comfortable with computers, and I definitely feel I’ve accomplished that. Beyond becoming familiar with the technologies used in this class, I believe I will be more confident when trying new programs and software in the future.

I agree with what others have said about the major strength of the class being its attention to both theoretical and hands on methods of learning about digital media. When reflecting on the technologies and projects we worked on this semester, I tend to judge them based on how well they worked alongside our readings and discussions.

Having worked for many hours now with Sophie, I will say that it has a lot of potential but is still kind of a pain to use. I feel that it is the most effective tool we used for analyzing texts—which helps its case for connecting well to our readings—but still has a lot of shortcomings. I’m actually pretty interested to see if those issues are overcome in later versions.

The thing I’m probably happiest to have learned is basic web design. This more than anything else is something I can use in the future. Though I only managed to learn the basics of html and css, having done so will give me the confidence to learn more later on.

Though I had some doubts about blogging process earlier in the semester, I’m very glad I had the experience. It’s definitely a very different type of writing that I’m not that comfortable with, but I have come to appreciate its potentials and have a lot more respect for bloggers in general.

I didn’t mention all of the technologies, but these are the ones I have the strongest feelings about. That, and I’m trying not to write yet another long and convoluted blog post. A couple more things: I’ve really enjoyed having class with you all this semester. I think it was a really great group and I enjoyed our discussions immensely. Professor Fitzpatrick, you’ve been great. It’s a shame you won’t be around next year. Good luck with the rest of your finals, everyone, and have a great summer!

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