Wait, Wait, Wait!

Okay, hold up, I can’t believe class is over already! This is the only class I still enjoyed and it’s just.. done… just like that! I’m so sad… I had so much fun.

Anyways, guys, you all are an awesome bunch of people (even if a lot of you use Macs, including you, Professor, but I forgive you~), I enjoyed the discussions in this class more than any other I was taking this semester — people were actually ope-minded and smart. It seems like there’s a massive lack of open-minded, smart people at the Claremont Colleges (well, or at least at Scripps, where if you’re not feminist, you’d better not take any of their classes), which is odd, because isn’t that what colleges are supposed to be famous for having? I don’t know, but you guys were great~ I hope you all have fun the rest of your college career; maybe we’ll meet again~!

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