My Final Post

Like others have expressed, I’m extremely saddened by the fact that this class has come to an end. This class was great in every regard. The readings were informative and interesting, the class-discussions were awesome and thought-provoking, and (most of) the projects were tons of fun to produce.

I found it incredibly valuable to have both the theory and production sides of digital media covered in class. I feel that both sides complemented each other well. As we discussed the future of publishing and books, we were also able to experiment with technology, like Sophie, that might very well come to replace what we consider today to be “books.” Similarly, as we learned about Web 2.o and Youtube, we created our own contributions to Web 2.0 in the form of websites, podcasts, and Youtube videos.  

I have a feeling I’ll be using more of Audacity this summer, as I find myself bored at home and wanting to have some fun making silly mashups. I’ll be interested in seeing if I feel motivated to maintain my website, and try to find new and interesting ways of getting my friends to visit it–they got a kick out of the conspiracy theories. I hope to continue to experiment with film, although I can’t imagine myself continuing to use iMovie–it’d be really nice to learn to use Final Cut Pro. I don’t know whether I’ll ever go back to Sophie, but I wouldn’t want to completely deny Sophie a second chance, once it gets some bugs fixed.

Anyway, this class has been great! You all have been great! Professor Fitzpatrick, you have been great! Thanks for a great class!

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