Technologies, class reflection, etc.

First and foremost, I want to give a HUGE ‘Thank You!’ to Professor Fitzpatrick! This class has been absolutely my favorite during my (admittedly short) college career. I loved the way the class was taught with focus on discussion that was very open, but just guided enough. Some readings were better than others, and I personally enjoyed the ones during the last half of the class (dealing with more contemporary, relevant issues such as copyright and machinima) than those in the first half (dealing more with the history of how digital media came to be). On the whole though, the readings were very well chosen. The ones about Friendster might be reconsidered though…. 😛

As for the technologies, I would say pretty much the same thing: generally excellent with some frustrations. I greatly enjoyed working with CSS and HTML, and I have been inspired to possibly try to pursue these further as hobbies. Audio and video were both fun, and of course Sophie was…well it was Sophie. As has been said a million times before, perhaps don’t use Sophie until it has been improved, but other than that all the projects were great. I also like that the final project was very open ended an allowed us to pursue what we liked best from the course.

The way I see it though, those are only half of the technologies we made use of. The other half were things like the lab computers, google wave, the blog, etc. The lab computers were frustratingly slow on the few days I had to use them, but of course that’s got nothing to do with the class. I think that google wave was a great way to do note taking, and I would encourage you to keep using that in the future. It allows for everyone to be editing it, for stuff to be embedded, etc. It makes the whole class feel more interactive and connected. Same goes for the blog. While I admittedly did not sink my teeth into blogging with as much zeal as some (or maybe most) I did genuinely enjoy the blog. Being able to read other people’s thoughts on things (readings or otherwise) was great. A number of things people mentioned in random blog posts led me to things I now use regularly or enjoyed a lot, and I would have missed them without the blog.

All in all, I would certainly say that, a few minor flaws aside, this class was fantastic! I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends once you get back. Once again, Thank You Professor Fitzpatrick!

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