Review of Digital Media Technologies

Of the four technologies that we used for our MS51 projects (web, audio, video, and Sophie), with the exception of Sophie, I thought that video is quite possibly the most difficult medium to work with. Although Allison and I did something really simple for our Wikipedia video project, I could imagine how difficult it would be to edit a more complicated video so that it was precisely the way we wanted it. To me at least, the more senses that we use when we are exposed to a medium (such as audio or video), the easier it is to notice things that are off (for example, if the sound does not match up to the visuals/movement on a video).

As for my preferred medium, I think that websites and Sophie (if it worked correctly) would be ideal for presenting content digitally, since they both allow videos to be embedded into their content, as well as allow the viewer to experience interactive, non-linear content. Instead of having to listen through an entire podcast or watch a movie from start to finish, with websites or Sophie projects, you can create content that allows users to choose what they wish to read/watch/listen to based on their interests.

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