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Well, here we are.  I’m sad to be writing my last post, but it’s been an absolute joy this entire semester.  Our Introduction to Digital Media Studies class has been interesting, funny, and informative in so many different ways.  I loved all of our intense discussions, especially towards the end of the semester, when we were all comfortable sharing our opinions and thoughts with the group as a whole.  I learned a lot of things just by listening to you guys – so many of you follow a lot of blogs I don’t, so we were our own little hub of information regarding the news, debates, and funny happenings of the Web.  It was great.

Regarding the projects, I share a lot of the same sentiments as you guys.  I really enjoyed the website project, as it forced me to polish up on my HTML and CSS knowledge – never a bad thing.  The podcast project was fun in the sense that it made me step out of my comfort zone and work with audio, which proved to be easier (at least recording speech and adding in music…nothing too fancy!) than I thought it would be.  I was a little more familiar with video projects since I’ve done them before for other classes, but planning out a meaningful message and analytical spin of our video was a bit harder.  The Sophie project was surprisingly enjoyable for me, until I packaged the darn thing, uploaded it, and posted it up here on the blog.  I had pretty much zero problems with the program itself outside of general slow processing, but Sophie pretty much ate my entire book (even the saved files on a USB drive were corrupted).  So sad.

Overall, this class has been fantastic, and one of the best I’ve ever taken, college or otherwise.  I was always excited about coming to class (and that’s quite the rare thing, mind you) and listening to discussion that day, or learning something new and hands-on in lab.  I’ll give a shout-out to Professor Fitzpatrick, too – you’re one of the best teachers I’ve had and completely made this class.  Can we convince you to not go on sabbatical?  At least until we leave? Please?!  I definitely agree with others, in any case…we should all meet whenever Professor Fitzpatrick returns from NYC.  Hopefully I’ll see you all in the future, in another media studies class or around the campuses.  Keep in touch, everyone!  And if I don’t talk to you soon, have a fantastic summer.

— Annie

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