Final Project: Web 2.0

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Hey, guys!  For our final project Amaru and I decided to tackle the history, evolution, and endless possibilities of that wonderful invention we all know as The World Wide Web.  As you saw in our presentation, we stroll through the history of the Web’s beginnings with Berners-Lee at CERN all the way to the present day with Long Tail marketing strategies and social networking sites.  We ended with the rather open-ended topic of the possible future of the Web, and where we imagine it might go in the future based off of Vannevar Bush’s idea of the memex from As We May Think.

We apologize for the lateness, but Amaru’s computer decided to completely eat the content he’d worked so hard on writing for one of his pages, and he had to start over from scratch.  Technology can be evil sometimes, can’t it?  Nonetheless, feel free to poke around our site, and we hope you enjoy!

— Annie & Amaru

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