Final Project

Hello hello! I hope everybody is having a relatively stress-free day and enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Darina and Irving present to your attention their long-anticipated project: the Real Life game or, the game of real life –choice is yours. Some of you might be slightly disappointed by the lack of an actual game simulation but the fact of the matter is, the point is sent across by simply presenting the thrilling trailer. In actuality, a lot of us have to admit that trailers usually exaggerate the “coolness” of whatever they present. For that reason, we are oh-so-slightly poking fun at the way trailers, in particular the ones for games, are made. We used Gamers Theory as our main text and explored the coming together of the gaming and real world.

Please feel free to comment/critique. In fact, your opinion is much wanted and appreciated!

Thanks guys and have an awesome – possum summer 🙂

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