Final class response

Project 1: Basic Web Design

Despite having difficulty at first, I really enjoyed this project and I think knowing how to program html and css in the future will be really important.  I’m actually planning on designing a site for my sister and brother’s surf site this summer!

Project 2: Web Audio/Podcasting

I understood why we did this project and I can see how it could be a good form to comment on media, but I think the end product was definitely not worth the trouble.  I mean it was a good exercise and I really liked what last year’s class did with their commentary on mashups, but I think theirs was the only really successful project I viewed.

Project 3: Web Video

This was definitely a challenging project in terms of time commitment and coordinating with a partner. I really liked how everyone’s came out. And I feel like there was a lot of artistic wiggle room in this media form.

Project 4: Sophie

After the website, this was probably my favorite project. I am a visual person and like to write, so this medium for commentary worked really well.  Yes Sophie was slow and stubborn, but I was happy with how my project turned out.

Final Project

I used Sophie for my final project. I liked that we didn’t have to stick to the article text like we did in our previous project.  It felt more like a commentary.  Yes, it took longer to flesh out my ideas, but I feel more attached to this project because it is my voice.

In general, I think this was a great class.  The readings were for the most part very interesting and although the projects were challenging, I think I learned a lot.  I felt out of my element for most of the semester, most times not understanding the social references, but I really enjoyed the perspectives I was exposed to. Class discussions were definitely the most intriguing part of this course for me.  And I thought the supplementation of the google wave and class blog really furthered our dynamic.

Thanks for this semester professor !

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