Rights of Bloggers?

Recently, the popular blog ONTD reposted a blog post from Womanist Musings, in which a blogger wrote about Sandra Bullock’s adoption of a black child. The blogger on Womanist Musings argued that the act was in fact based on racism, and ONTD reposted the blog in its entirety. The Womanist Musings blogger posted a response, in which she claimed that ONTD has stolen her post and infringed on her copyright. 

Whether or not you approve of Sandra Bullock’s adoption, this story does bring up some very important questions about the rights of bloggers. Should ONTD’s reposting of this blog be considered an infringing of copyright? Is it unfair to remove the blog from the context of Womanist Musings, which focuses on social issues from a very progressive angle?

One response to “Rights of Bloggers?

  1. ONTD has .00001% original content, but they always link back to the original source. Without a source, things don’t get posted. I don’t know much about Womanist Musings, but I can’t really see how the posting is negatively affecting the site. If anything, more people will click on the link and go to the site.
    On a less-related note, I actually do really like the way ONTD accumulates its sources; while it remains a seedy, gross gossip rag, it avoids the wannabe-celebrity and hypocritical tabloid feel of Perez Hilton and the like by simple fact that there are thousands of users. You can get angry at ONTD, but that’s really just like getting angry at the internet. There are way too many opinions represented for ONTD to really have one opinion on anything or anyone.