Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?

After reading the article, I was a little incredulous at what the wife was willing to put up with. It seems fairly clear that he’s cheating on her, given that he actually married another woman. We’ve talked some about the legitimacy of internet relationships, and I think it’s undeniable that in an era of digital communication there’s at least emotional infidelity going on. Even if it’s not specifically cheating (which I would argue it is) he’s at least neglecting his relationship to a dangerous extent (not even realizing that his wife had talked to him). The hours he’s pouring into his other life are clearly detrimental.

Is there such a thing as internet relationship therapy? I wonder if a separate sect of psychology will develop to discuss couple’s therapy with a slant towards the digital. I know there’s psychology aimed towards addiction (to video games, internet lives etc) but I think it would be interesting to see the more relationship-focused therapy, exploring why people feel the need to escape their current partners to something online.

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