Which wife is this man cheating on?

After reading Is This Man Cheating on his Wife, my question wasn’t IS this man cheating on his wife, but which wife is he cheating on? It seems as though he has two wives, and, although only one is legal in the eyes of the law, he is very committed to both of them. However, considering that he spends 6 hours a weekday, and up to 14 at a time on weekends on Second Life, I think it is obvious which one he is more dedicated to. This account reminded me of the MOOs and MUDs which we were talking about earlier in the year, however, it seems as though this time, the effects of spending too much time in the digital world are trickling over into real life. His wife seems to be growing more and more fed up with the amount of time his Second Life playing is taking up (especially since she seems to think that it infringes upon his time spent with her) and, considering that they have only been married for seven months, it seems as though this marriage is doomed to fail. If this were the case, I would completely and utterly back up the wife. Because, while they have promised their presence in sickness and in health, it seems as though the husband has neither been attentive, nor truly faithful . I’m interested, however, in seeing what others think. Are you all as appalled with this man’s behavior as I am? Or, am I over-reacting, and reading far too much into a simple game? What would you do if your significant other spent all his time with a digital spouse?

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