I remember watching Red vs. Blue when I was 16

One Saturday afternoon, I was over visiting my cousins. After a long day at the pool it was only routine to relax by the T.V., play some Gamecube, or go online.
“Dude, you have to check this out, it’s so f****** funny!” My cousin yelled across the room from the computer. I went over and watched my first episode of Red vs. Blue. It was super hilarious!
I can see now how machinima is so easy to produce yet so creative and fun. I’m pretty jealous of Michael Burns for finding money in something so fun. The physics of the game and the ability for the camera to change angles and to have replays in different speed settings makes it so much more interesting. I looked up Goldberg machines on Halo after reading the Spartan Life contest and I was pleased to see so many creative videos. Working with machinima seems like a fun hobby. I have included a fun Goldberg machine video I found!


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