Gamer Theory and Sophie

So my response to this reading has to do with my reaction in correlation to my/our recent experience with Sophie. Gamer Theory is described in the about section as “a new sort of “networked book,” a book that actually contains the conversation it engenders, and which, in turn, engenders it.” and “an invitation to read in a different way.” I think these goals are aligned with the purpose of Sophie. Gamer Theory has a physical counterpart but the about section clearly encourages virtual reading.

Yes, it’s presented as more of a game than the options that Sophie provides, but both present a new way to read. The page visualization that both offer as well as additional figures that are viewable create a different type of book.

I also think that the Gamer Theory presentation is lacking, albeit in different ways than Sophie. I think we’ve… extensively (although arguably not comprehensively) covered Sophie’s issues so I’ll talk a little about Gamer Theory’s presentation. I find the “each page as a paragraph” format frustrating. This creates an unnecessarily large number of pages and moving from chapter to chapter is difficult once you’re in the page view. I could also see Gamer Theory pushing it’s status as a game even further. The “load saved game” is a cool nod to the purpose of the site, but I also think that Gamer Theory could have taken some things from Sophie and pushed itself to be even more interactive.

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