Skype Sophie

After many trials and errors, here comes my Sophie project! I hope it works but I have a nagging suspicion two of the three videos embedded in it are not working so I’m providing you guys with links to them if you feel inclined to watch them (they are quite amusing and rather short).

The topic of my project had to do with searching for and defining¬†identity through Skype emoticons. I used Sherry Turkle’s article on Identity and used her ideas to explain my personal experience with Skype and particularly Skype emoticons. I discuss the formation of an emoticon culture and how it defines people who are part of it. I have included numerous pictures of Skype emoticons as well as a few cartoons which poke fun at the obsessiveness and related to Skype. The videos demonstrate what 1) Skype is, 2) what we can do with Skype emoticons beyond their immediate purpose and 3) how some people attempt to imitate Skype emotiocons with facial expressions.

My questions are: can we convey all our emotions just through the use of emoticons? If not, is Skype then limiting us or is it creating an order and a sense of belonging in a community that all uses the same type of emoticons? How can we change as people or explore new sides of ourselves if we use emoticons?

I hope you enojoy my representation of Turkle’s article and Skype and please feel free to critique as much as you want! =) 


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