Self Control

Can’t seem to stay off facebook? Have a mac? Here’s a neat app that will stop you from whatever website you can’t keep off. There is no way you can undo it once you’ve committed to staying off the site (including but not limited to turning off your computer and restarting).
Self Control

2 responses to “Self Control

  1. anniekins127

    This is a great idea – sometimes, I purposefully don’t sign into the Claremont wireless just so I won’t have the “distraction” aspect of the web, but oftentimes a lot of my research is from the internet and/or I need information accessible through it. One it’s on, I automatically do the whole round of checking email/Facebook/Twitter/random stuff/etc. Sounds like this would be the perfect little app. for me. Frustrating, yes, but perfect when I need to get something done!

  2. Who needs self control when you can simply not sleep and channel your energy through caffeine instead?