Gmail now has drag and drop attachments …

Last Thursday, Google released some minor (but helpful) updates  for Gmail.

The drag-and-drop attachments feature allows you drag files from your desktop directly into your e-mail message for attachment.

In Gmail, users just drag any file from their hard drive (or from within an open application) into the new green box that shows up in your compose menu. It will then upload it in the background, allowing you to keep doing other things while the attachment loads.

The other new feature offered is a follow-up to the experimental rescheduling feauture that was introduced to the Gmail Calendar last month by adding an “insert invitation” link just below the subject line of outgoing e-mails. When clicked, it pops up with a Google Calendar invitation-maker that includes a visual of when there are open times to meet based on those people’s schedules. As soon as you send it, the event gets added to everyone’s calendars, provided they’re on Gmail.

Pretty handy !

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