Ebert "Too Smart" for Video Games


Very relevant to the class, I think — especially right now.


Personally, I raged.

4 responses to “Ebert "Too Smart" for Video Games

  1. anniekins127

    I was angry over this, too. I used to really respect Roger Ebert in his place in the film world, but his comments really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m not even sure *why* he’s so adamant about condemning video games as a non-art form. As the article states, he seems completely out of touch. I read through some of the comments, and I agree with almost all of them. Who is Ebert to say what and what isn’t art? Can anyone really dictate that?

    Obviously, the answer is no. Art can be so many different things for so many different people. I’m sure there are people that would like to rip into him about how action movies aren’t art – I’d like to see how he’d like that…

  2. I mean, the real point is that the people who most appreciate the old art forms are the people least likely to accept the new ones, so this isn’t that surprising. Ebert loves movies, and has thought about them a lot, the fact that he can’t grasp an extension of his beloved medium shouldn’t be that surprising. He’s not too old or too well read, he’s just too entrenched in what he’s used to.

  3. anniekins127

    That’s a good point. I suppose we’d like to imagine that an older man who enjoys film so much (which society seems to deem a medium that is entertainment-only, even though that’s far from the truth) would be willing to look at video games in an objective manner. I think people are enraged because it seems like he won’t even give games a chance – he blows them off right away. For a man who so loves an aspect of the entertainment industry, why can’t he look at other parts of it? Does he ridicule television in the same way? Doubtful. Why is it all against games? Interesting.

  4. As previously stated, I find it ironic that he would have this attitude, considering many people’s attitudes towards movies (and even more, television). I also think his attitude is unfortunately very common. I just don’t understand how being well-read takes away from enjoyment of video games. It’s not even as if he said his enjoyment of reading takes away from video games (due to time constraints).