Reading Response: Incest in Transformative Works

While incest remains one of the most taboo topics in our culture, when it comes to fandom and transformative works, (as we read in “The epic love story of Sam and Dean”: “Supernatural,” queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction) it’s actually a more popular topic when it comes to fandom’s. In researching for our discussion, I came across several very popular fandom’s involving incest: the afore-mentioned Supernatural, Heroes (so-called “Petrellicest,” spearheaded by niece/uncle Claire/Peter and brothers Peter/Nathan), and Harry Potter (which has a pairing for everything, including twins Fred and George). For the first two, these incestuous pairings are in many ways more popular than any other of the shows’ pairings. While the article proffered that the first was a lack of female and acceptable outlets, I feel that the strong pro-incest following presented in Heroes provides evidence to the contrary. I think that may be a too simplistic view of incest, our culture, and transformative works’ place.

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