Max Weber

Upon reading procedural Rhetoric, I found that It is true what is said about attitudes towards computers. I love them because they help with organization, productivity, communication, creativity, and many other ways. However, I do not like the rigidness of procedure they follow when It comes to some circumstances. It’s true, they treat everyone the same but sometimes circumstances call for the need of human logic and “new procedure”. The example about the store return policy was a great example. The human clerk was able to bend the rules and instill a new procedure to follow while the online amazon-like retailer has more rigidity in enforcing the late return. Max Weber predicted somethig of the sort would happen. He said society was becoming too beuracratic and would eventually become an iron cage for all people, trapped by too many laws and procedures. Weber, maybe you’re not right just yet but I have to give it to you, It just might become true.

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