Publishing Your Sophie Book

Hi, all. In order to finalize your Sophie books, you need to take a few steps.

First, be sure you’ve saved your book in its most current form, somewhere safe.

Next, delete the version of Sophie you’ve been running. There’s been a new version released since we started this project; go to the Sophie website and download the most recent version. (It was released on April 6, so if you’ve downloaded since then, you can skip this step.)

Once this new version is installed, open it, and then open the book you’ve been working on. Be sure you’ve given your book an appropriate title by selecting File > Book Properties.

Once that’s done, under the File menu, select Export Book As > Sophie Package. Save the file in a good location, and be sure that it’s named [Your Title].pack.s2.

That file, the one ending in “.pack.s2” is the one you want to upload; it’s got all the resources for your book included with the book itself.

Let me know if you have problems…

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