(Blake's) Quentin Tarantino's STAR WARS? !

Surprisingly, Sophie came through.  Step by step, she allowed me to save my project—that is, until I made my last addition: the ‘next page’ button.  It seems Sophie simply will not tolerate the presence of the little arrows I intended to appear on the right hand corner of each page.  The user experience would be much better if you could navigate with said arrows.  Instead, you’ll have to get through the book using the preview palette.  Sorry.

As I reduced the opacity on my text boxes, it might be tough to tell when the text has a link.  Here’s a list of the extra Sophie-ish stuff that I’ve added.

1: Movie: ‘Opening scroll’ (plays when you click on the triangle.  Allow it to load first.)
2: No links.
3: No links.
4: Images: ‘Digital postcard’, ‘famous poster’
5: Movies: ‘The trailer’, ‘feel-good music’, ‘The Saga Begins’
6: Website: ‘assumption
7: pdf: ‘small number of transnational…’; links: ‘stakes in these transactions’, ‘technological integration’
8: No links.
9: text box: ‘transformation’ (If you click the text box, it’ll open to MySpace’s Terms of Service)
10: text boxes: ‘photocopier’, ‘audio sampling technologies’ (Click on the text boxes and you’ll be linked to different webpages)
11: images: ‘added elements’, ‘original contributions’, ‘rewrite and update’
12: image: ‘sexually-explicit stories’; text: ‘does not produce any x-rated Star Wars’: text box (click and you’l be linked to a webpage)
13: text box: ‘elaborate feedback loop’ (click and you’ll be linked to a website)
14: click on zee numeros
15: FIN!

Hope you like it!

(Blake’s) Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars? Sophie Book!

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