Watch out kids

Seeing as this week we read about media literacy and the influence of the internet on education, I thought the following topic seemed fitting.

Common Sense Media, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, has developed a new curriculum, known as Digital Literacy and Citizenship Initiative, to educate youth about the internet.  C.S.M. is best known for giving reviews to help parents choose media appropriate for their kids, but they are now providing lesson plans to educate kids about their place online.  This new program is designed to aid middle school teachers, parents, and kids themselves “raise a generation of responsible, smart, and safe digital citizens.” It is a completely new approach to internet education — based on the knowledge of youth culture.  Definitely not lecture based, making kids active participants in their education.  It is based on the framework developed by the GoodPlay Project, youth are not “passive consumers” of new media but “actively contributing to and defining the new media landscape.” Kids still need adults to advise them in their online lives, but not define it.

The Initiative is defined by  the following 5 criteria:

  • Digital life: the necessity for responsible choices online
  • Privacy and digital footprints: managing online privacy
  • Connected culture: respectful online relationships
  • Self-expression and reputation: functioning in different online contexts and affect on reputation
  • Respecting creative work: online ownership

I think this is a really great program and should be widely implemented across schools !

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