Eliot and Bryan's Video Project


So after overcoming a number of technological setbacks and some major last minute revisions, we’ve finally finished our video project.  Our video looks to analyze how the goals and philosophies of Wikipedia and Britannica are represented in the structures and content of their websites, and how well these goals and philosophies mesh with one of the major trends in digital media.  We used a combination of screen recordings, still images, and short video clips to creatively accompany our thoughts on the issue.  Our goal was to use our visual content to enhance the points in our discussion, rather than distract from them.  We used windows movie maker, which, I think it’s fair to say, we have mixed feelings about.  But while there were some frustrating moments, the video turned out to be something we’re both pretty proud of.  We hope you enjoy it.



Encyclopedia Britannica

Professor Wikipedia

Weight Lifting Fail

DBZ Clip

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