FriendFeed and The Online Identity

There are many things I like and don’t like about FriendFeed though I do believe it to be a very useful tool.  As mentioned in the article, it is intended to be a central base for all of your data from sites all over the web.  The concept itself seems like a great idea but I don’t think anyone is thinking of the implications of this.  Though I would prefer to have a centralized system in which I can be identified than a microchip in my body (we is being considered so that we wouldn’t have to fill out forms when you go to the hospital), it still has flaws.

First of all, I don’t know how comfortable I would feel with anyone but me directly owning everything there is to know about me (or at least a great deal).  Yes Facebook gives away a lot of information, but when you combine it with twitter, youtube, and many other sites, Google and Facebook will both know SO much more about you.  If you you interests in your profile give them indicators, if they can monitor where you go and what you do on a daily basis, the picture they can paint will be much more clear.  This can be good and bad, but I don’t know how I feel about our population becoming one big marketing tool.

Next, what if someone were to log into your account?  Someone would essentially be you in the digital world, a perfect set up for fraud.  I’m sure there will be strict security measures, but still, that hasn’t stopped anyone before from stealing anything they pleased.  Even if they didn’t steal anything, someone could find out a lot about you.  Is it really necessary to have all of that information in one spot?  Have we not done fine without it?  Will we ultimately be forced to have to be apart of this site if it continues as a trend?  I’m being as critical as I can because I see potential in this idea, if it is done properly.

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