On Digital Remains… (Or, an anime you should watch.)

So, today it was brought up in class that at a high school where a lot of suicides occurred, many students felt that the Facebook pages of the deceased students were the only links they had left to their former friends/classmates.

I thought that the idea of being linked to something/someone that has left the physical world and only remains in the digital world was really interesting… and it reminded me of one of the best anime series I’ve ever watched: Denno Coil.

From Wikipedia:

Denno Coil is a Japanese science fiction anime television series depicting a near future where semi-immersive augmented reality (AR) technology has just begun to enter the mainstream. The series takes place in the fictional city of Daikoku, a hotbed of AR development with an emerging city-wide virtual infrastructure. It follows a group of children as they use AR glasses to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape.

Basically, it’s like Digimon (the main characters are still elementary students), but MUCH COOLER! In the world of Denno Coil, there is a digital layer to everything, so when things disappear in the physical world, there are still digital remains. It doesn’t seem like many people in our class watch anime, so I might be saying this all in vain… but you guys should watch it.

Densuke, the Adorably Ugly Cyberdog Mascot of Denno Coil

(You can watch all the episodes here: http://www.animecrazy.net/denno-coil-episode-list/)

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