I wasn't on Facebook Yet in '06

After reading Boyd’s piece on Facebook, it really made me want to have been part of the movement that occurred in Facebook. I wonder how I would have reacted? Maybe it would have depended on if I had posted something embarrassing the day before the “feed” feature became installed.
It was really interesting to see how Facebook users slowly adapted to the change and it soon became the main feature that made Facebook well, Facebook. I remember that Myspace also adopted something of the sort and I thought it was really neat. I’m pretty sure that this happened after social networking sites looked to Facebook as the norm in social networking.

I took a sociology course last semester and I remember that I studied weak ties and I find it very interesting how Thompson tied it into his argument for Facebook. I can definitely see how Facebook helps establish these ties that can be useful in the future. Maybe because you constantly see updates about a friend it will give you the courage to ask for help in something. An internship, job, or maybe on homework.

Did you know that we are more likely to date people with weak ties (friends of friends) and ultimately marry them? Yes, so next time you go out and meet your friends’ hot friend, think about it. Just a thought.

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