4/5/10 Reading: Thoughts

These were fun readings, I have to admit. I did the Boyd reading first, which gave me a good overview and summary of the whole FaceBook New Feed disaster (which occurred far beforeĀ  Grandma Mrs. Aforcer became an active FaceBook member), but at the same time I felt like the author treated the subject a little negatively. It didn’t quite seem to have the after-sight that the Thompson reading did — nevertheless, though, it explained to me why people were so freaked out about the News Feed.

It got me wondering though — do you think people were cautious with the new feature because it made FaceBook more like real life in the sense that you had to hide certain facts about yourself for fear of being judged/seen/etc.? Or… maybe it made it feel less like real life because you couldn’t be secretive with it (well, at least not at first)? I could kind of see it going both ways and the question intrigued me.

The Lenhart article was interesting more in a statistical sense; however I did find it amusing that it mention GaiaOnline in its talk about social networking sites. I used to be a part of that forum — oh, boy, talk about (unpleasant?) nostalgia!

Finally, my last thoughts: I really enjoyed the Thompson reading. For a good 6 months now I’ve been wondering just why is it people like sites like FaceBook and Twitter? What’re their appeal? What real use do any of them have outside of mundane, fruitless entertainment? Well, I feel that text gave me a somewhat rational, logical answer to my inquiry, which puts me at ease, actually.

I’m a very logic-dependent person, you see, and I can’t deal with things I can’t make any sense of. Every feeling I have, every thought I think, every action I do — I force myself to rationalize it and make some sort of (sometimes arbitrary) sense of. And yet, I could never quite do this with FaceBook and other such things — at least, not outside of the idea of “It’s just fun,” which was never enough for me.

So, who knows, maybe you guys’ll see me on Twitter soon!

Oh, and speaking of catching up with the times, you all can stop buggin’ me to download Chrome, because I’m finally going to get around to doing that tonight. So, ha!

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