Retweet and win!

I’ve entered hundreds of sweepstakes, contests, and raffles over the course of my lifetime, and not once did I win anything.  Until now.  Last week, photographer Todd Selby called his followers to retweet the link to his new book.  One person would receive a free signed copy.  I obliged, and, a few hours later, received a personal message stating I was the lucky winner.  Wahoo!

First, I want to link you to Todd Selby’s website.  He’s an LA-based artist who takes photos of eccentric houses all across the globe and interviews the people who live in them.  His new book profiles hundreds more.  Don’t open it unless you have a few hours to spare—you might not be able to pull away!

Second, do you think promotional retweeting is tacky?  It annoys me when those I follow subject me to ad-like retweets in hopes of winning stuff.  If it happens too often, I unfollow them.  Yet I did the same with my Selby book retweet.

Should there be a restriction on ad-like tweets?  Could user-aided advertisements negatively affect Twitter in the way they have affected Myspace and other social networking websites, or do its character/image limitations safeguard against this?

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