Adding Tags to Our Posts?

I’ve been looking through the blog recently and thinking that it would be really nice if we each went back through our old posts and tagged them. I myself have not been doing it so far but I honestly don’t think it would take very long, and it would make the blog a lot easier to navigate. Given all the emphasis in our discussions on linking information, it would make sense for us to utilize this method ourselves

It would help if we could all agree on some general guidelines for how we would do it. Obviously it would be useful to be able to look back at everyone’s response to a certain reading or see every post that has made a reference to Apple, but that will only work if we can agree on how we would tag those sorts of things. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE DISCUSSION!

5 responses to “Adding Tags to Our Posts?

  1. We would have to make sure everybody used just lower case letters, otherwise there would be like 3 of every tag with different capitalizations.

  2. anniekins127

    This is a good idea, but as trip333 pointed out, it would be really important that everyone agree on the details of the tags, etc. It could get pretty messy if we don’t have a set system of tagging every post.

  3. I used to try and tag my posts but sometimes they cover a really wide variety of things and I’m just not sure what exactly to tag them under. Maybe we should come up with a set list of tags so we don’t have too many (as in, people tag their posts as “Apple” instead of one person tagging “Apple,” one person tagging “iPhone,” one person tagging, “phone,” and one person tagging “technology”).

  4. We could start by tagging all of our reading response posts with the last name (in lowercase) of any authors that we responded to in the post. Then it might be good to tag posts that focus on any major companies or websites, such as “google,” “apple,” or “wikipedia.” I also think it would be good to tag any post with a video with “video” and any post with an image with “image.”

  5. Looking back through previous posts, it doesn’t seem there are all that many tags aside from Google, Apple, and Wikipedia that would’ve been helpful to be linked together by this point. ‘Remix’, ‘youtube’, and ‘gaming’ do come to mind, though. Agreeing to use lower case letters, as trip333 suggests, is key.