Things I would have never found without the internet

I Found it funny that amazon was actually the original website to start this idea of linking related products since it would have been the first place I would have noticed it.  I remember back when I would either buy books, video games, or movies I would always click through the related products just out of curiosity not even thinking of the marketing technique behind it.  Now that I see it, I always have a sense of Amazon trying to get me to buy something, but in all actuality it’s quite helpful.

Youtube has greatly expanded my musical horizons.  I’ve discovered a great deal of music through the related videos and I only see this expanding in the future.  As the months and years go on, I think Youtube will ultimately become and archive for music rather than just for new music.  Lot’s of people post old music ranging from the early 30’s till the 90’s.  The library is essentially being built from both directions.

There have been copyright issues with this which may be a problem, but the rate at which  songs are posted and as long as guidelines are followed, the library will continue to expand.  It’s a great way for unknown artists to get known though which are ultimately the ones who would want their music discovered on youtube and would likely not care too much about copyright to begin with.

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