Jackie and Allison: Podcast

Jackie: “After we decided on what to podcast about (Second Life and the article about the man cheating on his wife), we thought of creating a newscast to simulate what would happen if the interview had occurred on a radio show. We searched for newscast theme songs, and found one to add to the beginning and end of our podcast. After creating our newscast script (using quotes from the interview), we decided to add Sue as a character in our radio show. Allison recorded her own voice, and then we used Audacity to edit her voice so it sounded a lot deeper and more distinct.”

Allison: “We looked through the syllabus for something that piqued our interest, yet something that not everyone would be doing their project on — and this article in particular really seemed to fit the bill. In short, it’s a news story talking about Ric Hoogestraat’s alleged online “affair” in Second Life, and the article (along with the accompanying texts) debates the idea of whether or not the act could really be considered “cheating” on his wife or not. He never called his “Second Wife,” or met with her offline, and the whole issue brought up some questions that both Jacke and I really related to earlier in the class (about how words are more or less analogous to actions online). When I was choosing the music for the background audio of the majority of the file, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too overbearing or emotional, but still get the point across that this was supposed to be a laid-back interview on a somewhat hip topic. I hope the soundtrack gets that feeling across to the listeners — it took me awhile to find something down-low enough to not be distracting from the actual content. I also want it to somewhat encapsulate the raunchiness of the subject we were adressing. As for the actual production of the MP3, Sue’s voice was really fun to generate. It still makes me laugh when I hear it, and I really think it fits the way she looks (that’s not mean to say, is it? I should probably feel terrible!)”

Audio Sources:

WIS-TV Newscast Intro 1990

CNN Breaking News Intro

best background music

ABC 7 News close with extended theme music

Text Sources:

Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?

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