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For our podcast, we decided to explore artificial intelligence and contrast it with another modern technology: brain computer interfaces. Both technologies approach the concept of human intelligence in drastically different ways. Artificial intelligence technology attempts to mimic and eventually replicate human intelligence and behavior, while brain computer interfaces capture and interpret the signals from a person’s brain, so that the person can perform external digital tasks.

Our topic choice allowed us to contrast the ideas of Turing about artificial intelligence with more practical views on the role of technology, such as those of Bush. We also looked to add some humor and by introducing references to relevant science fiction films.

We found that audio was an excellent medium to discuss this topic, as it allows the listener to consider the intellectual merits of humans and technology without the biases that visual differences might create. We also enjoyed using audio to convey our ideas as we have already used text (blog, website) and visuals (website) in this course to do so. We hope you guys enjoy it.


‘The Matrix’ Scene

Brain Computer Interface Video


Terminator Movie Trailer

Terminator 2 Theme Song

As We May Think

Computing Machinery and Intelligence

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