Project 3: Web Video

For your third project, you will work in pairs again to develop, produce, and post a short video (aim for 3 minutes, but certainly no more than 5) presenting and exploring some key concept from our class thus far.

You will again need to produce a script for your video, and to create a plan for production and post-production (i.e., shooting and editing) your video. Equipment may be reserved and checked out from the IMS Production Center, in the basement of Scott Hall. Additional cameras may be available from the Foreign Language Resource Center in Mason Hall.

You may use brief pieces of “borrowed” footage in your video, provided that it is appropriately cited in your credits, and provided that you are using the footage in a “transformative” fashion, as a means of critical commentary. Under those circumstances, and as an educational activity, this is clearly an act of fair use, under which copyrighted material may be used without permission. If footage is taken from a digitally encrypted form (like DVDs), however, students should be aware of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention laws — using screen capture or other methods of video transfer are encouraged to avoid breaking this law, even though there is no doubt that the law itself infringes on your fair use rights.

We are going to walk you through the use of iMovie today; you’re welcome, however, to use whatever editing system you’re most comfortable with. You can produce this video on your own computer, if that’s feasible for you, or in the ITS multimedia lab, or in the IMS Production Center, in the basement of Scott Hall. There may be other available production spaces as well.

Your video should be absolutely no longer than 5 minutes in length, and preferably shorter, and should be encoded in an appropriate format and uploaded to the video sharing service of your choice; we’ll show you a couple of them today. You should then embed the video in a post to the class blog, using the category “video.” You should provide commentary on your work in the blog post, and you should also of course comment on one another’s entries.

Your video and accompanying blog post will be due at the start of lab on Friday, April 2.

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