Cyberspace and the Issue of Race

In Nakamura’s ¬†article she argues that the early era of media studies focused on stereotyping and that the internet produces cybertyping. The assumptions with diversity on the internet is a problem of access, not content. Even if many people can access the internet there is still a monoculture because only a few individuals produce the internet content. Another assumption we pointed out in class was that being online destroys the bias people hold. This isn’t true becasue people still might hold prejudices by products of their culture.

I thought one of the must interesting points we made as a class was that in real life people are forced to reevaluate how people think, yet online communities don’t challenge stereotypes or expose users to new ways of living. Nakamura’s conclusion corresponds in that she says that the post-body mind ends up reenforcing conventional sterotypes about race and gender.

One response to “Cyberspace and the Issue of Race

  1. I agree that the stereotypes are only reinforced by people hiding their true identities behind a screen and thinking that is positive…