Oscar Week / I Hate The Blind Side

This being the last week before the Academy Awards, I have been frantically trying to finish up my list of movies to watch. I have successfully seen all of the movies nominated for Best Picture and all but one for Best Animated Picture, but still have a few to go for Best Actor/Actress and such. The last of the Best Picture movie I watched was The Blind Side, and I have to say that I was not only impressed by the incredibly low quality of film-making and acting, but by the borderline offensiveness of how the movie handled a delicate issue of race. It really bothers me that the Academy selected this movie for potential awards. Sandra Bullock’s accent was poor, her character was ridiculous, and her lines were frequently poorly delivered. The horribly sappy emotional climax of the film has somehow made enough of an impact to put this movie above other contenders for the #10 spot like Watchmen or Where the Wild Things Are. Anyway. I hope it doesn’t win.

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