My Mea Culpa Moment

After nearly 20 years of intensive email usage, without once ever having made the reply-all mistake, it finally happened. It’s more than a little mortifying that it happened in a class in which I’m supposed to be teaching Good Internet Practices and stuff, but, well, I suppose it provides the opportunity for a little object lesson.

What is that lesson? Well, “don’t be in such a hurry” might be a good one. Or “check the address line twice, especially if you’re working in a relatively unfamiliar interface.” Perhaps also “check the Google Group settings to be sure you really want every single reply to go to the entire group” (they’re now set in a way that gives you the option to reply to the message sender or to the group).

But mostly it’s just a reminder about how easy it is to slip up online and let private information wander where it shouldn’t. So, let it be a lesson to me, I suppose.

My apologies to all of you. See you in class tomorrow.

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