Google person finder !

After the most recent earthquake in Chile, Google has released “Google person finder” in an effort to “help people locate friends and loved ones who might have been affected by Saturday’s 8.8.-magnitude earthquake.”  Google Person Finder allows users to search by name or leave information about who they’re looking for (in English or Spanish) for records.  It is currently tracking about 35500 records.  Note. Content is viewable and usable by all and Google is not there to verify submitted information but to act merely as a database.  Google has also launched a crisis response page for those interested in “recent seismic activity in Chile, as well as resources to donate money to charities supporting the earthquake relief effort.” On top of that Google has a Mobile Giving Foundation for both relief towards Chile and Haiti.  You can make $10 donations by texting the word “Chile” to any of the following numbers: 25383 (Habitat for Humanity), 20222 (World Vision), 85944 (International Medical Corp.), and 52000 (Salvation Army).


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