Project 1: Basic Web Design

For your first project, I want you to use good HTML and CSS to produce a website with at least three linked pages, which will be served from your MyWebs user space online and will grow over the course of the semester to become a portfolio of all your work in this course (and in other courses, if you so choose).

A few caveats on this assignment:

  • I do not want you to use a template! You can borrow design ideas and code snippets from other websites, but I want the design of this website to be your own, and I want you to build it.
  • Following from that: I want you to build it by hand! Which is to say that I want you to use a text editor to hand-code your pages. No fair using Dreamweaver, Front Page, or any other web authoring tools, and no fair using the HTML function of a word processor.

Once your site is complete, email the link to our Google Group (so as to protect your semi-anonymity here); we should receive this email no later than the start of lab on Friday, February 19.

For extra credit, demonstrate that your site adheres to good web standards by validating your HTML and CSS and testing your site’s accessibility. (See the Web Standards Curriculum in Resources for more information.)


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