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Signs of Fear and Loathing

hmm didn’t get a reply from my group members (Nathan & Zach) so guess I’ll just post one of our videos…the other will be posted shortly? Signs + Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas = Signs of Fear and Loathing. Creative, aren’t we ;] Anyways enjoy! (edit: My video didn’t get pulled by youtube but for some reason isn’t working here anymore, so click the link instead)



Video Mashup: Hot Fuzz and Toy Story (1 and 2)


Here is the mashup that Isso and I created, using the trailer for Hot Fuzz and video from Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

For reference, here is the original version of the trailer we drew the audio from (though we got it from iTunes for the higher sound quality).   We tried to match most of the shots as closely as we could with the Toy Story footage.


In case anybody is curious, we used iMovie HD (6).