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History of the Internet

Ran across this on delicious’ most popular bookmarks. It seems relevant, as we’re looking at the emergence of computing and the internet. The emphasis here is more on the development of a tool that met the needs of various entities with various historical considerations instead of philosophically thinking about possibilities of something without any practical limitations. The animation is very aesthetic too.


It’s 1975 and This Man is About to Show You the Future

Since we’re reading about the early days of computing, here’s a neat artifact from the era:

“It’s 1975 and This Man is About to Show You the Future”

It’s a gallery of images from an IBM slide presentation, courtesy of the wonderful found photograph archive Square America. Witness the introduction of key concepts like “VIRTUAL STORAGE” and “ONLINE DATA BASE” to groovily-outfitted office drones three decades ago. BOLDER is ONLINE!