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Final Project

Here is the Final Project Please do enjoy do let us know how you like the Blog and the Website. Thank you for being great.

Women in Technology

For our final project, we focused on a largely under- and mis-represented group in media: women. We discuss how women have empowered themselves, escaped social conventions, and made their voices heard through blogging and fan fiction. We also discuss how active women are in gaming, what a big influence they’ve had on the industry, and yet how female characters  in games  are still exploited and objectified. The evolution of women’s involvement in media and technology is broad and complex, and couldn’t possibly be covered here. Women are becoming more and more involved, and are a huge determining factor in the direction technology is moving. It’s important to analyze this evolution  and evaluate where they are now, so we can better determine the directions we need to move in the future.

In working on this project, it’s been cool to compare our skills now with when we began the class.  For previous projects, we were learning the basics of the programs. In this one, we actually got to take risks and fine-tune our creations. (We added music to the podcast and worked on changing the amplification, fading, etc. We played with the videos and cut them to more specifically match the music. And we’ve definitely improved our website, embedding audio and video players and manipulating images and colors.)  


-Bianca & Lauri

Some Past Projects

Some of you asked about past projects, so I thought I’d post a few examples from last year’s class. Bear in mind that the assignment was a good bit different from yours…

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