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Web Trend Map

web trend map

International design firm Information Architects has released their fourth annual Web Trend Map.

The Web Trend Map is a yearly publication by Information Architects (iA). It maps the 333 leading web domains and the 111 most influential people onto the Tokyo Metro map.

Twitter is in Shibuya this year, while Google is in Shinjuku. Take a look at the forces that shape our world in an aesthetically pleasing and statistically inventive (yet inscrutable) form!


I found this list of Photoshop tutorials on delicious. It’s amazing all that you can do with Photoshop, and how relatively simple it is to transform pictures into completely different ¬†graphics. Online tutorials like this one make it so much less complicated than figuring it out on your own, too. Before I found this link, I wasn’t aware of how many Photoshop tutorials there are online that are easy to follow. ¬†

My favorites were the ‘Creating a vector composite effect’ and the ‘Super slick dusky lighting effects.’ It was also cool to see how to manipulate letters in ‘CD cover design.’

*I couldn’t find the exact website again… but this one’s a lot like it. Several of the tutorials are exactly the same: