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Lets hope this video embed works this time.


I’m sort of obsessed with this song right now. The creators of the song are a musical duo called N.A.S.A (North America, South America) and they basically go around collaborating with a bunch of different artist and making amazing pieces of music. I like to think of them as a western counterpart to Asia’s m-flo (also very worth checking out). While I love the song the video itself is quite fetching. Turns out the makers of the video are a trio of creative warriors (what they reffer to themselves as), that I’ve been following for some time, named Three Legged Legs. They have a bunch of other wonderful animated clips if you’re up for some eye candy.

Testing it out

I’m going to take advantage of our nifty new buttons and start the embeding. These are all gems that weren’t able to go viral because they don’t fit in with the limited types of videos that the youtube community acknowledges. I realize there are videos with even less views than these, but I still think they are very under appreciated.




how the internet improves our lives through fmylife

F My Life is a perfect example about how popular print media cannot guess what people will enjoy reading, and how the internet solves that problem. I suppose it’s obvious that people like hearing crazy stories about how other people have unfortunate lives, but with the formalities and levels of editing involved with print media, I could see how fmylife’s content would not end up being published. Furthermore, the fact that the site can be updated with new content keeps people coming back and keeps the ad revenue flowing, something that print media could never achieve.

But I think the site is an interesting commentary on what our society values in its entertainment, and we never would have realized this aspect of the public preference if it weren’t for the ease of publishing on the internet.

Mexico Under Siege

You guys have probably heard of the recent upscale in drug-related violence in Mexico. We got the email from Dean Feldblum about the threats that drug cartels were making to spring breakers. My hometown, El Paso, Texas, is directly across the border from Juarez, Mexico, which is the most violent city in the country right now. The number of deaths are outrageous. (One website ran a story recently about how more civilians died in Juarez last year than died in Baghdad.)  

But since this is something very real to a lot of people I know, I wanted to share it with you. The LA Times made this  interactive page about the Mexican drug war. It’s shocking, fascinating, devastating… it’s something I think is important to know about. It’s also a really cool webpage. The way the number loads when you first open the page is powerful, the interactive map is way cool and educational, and the shifting photos, stories, and quotes keeps the page current and intriguing. I think this page is a good example of how design helps communicate a point.


Not only does this restaurant have a sleek design, but it produces its’ own oxygen. This is made possible by the giant algae filled aquariums placed throughout it…and I thought ice bars were cool. Wish we had something like this in the village.

Technology used to incriminate is it a big deal?

Many of you may have heard about the Michael Phelps incriminating photo of him smoking out of a bong. Well technology has helped with that incriminating event. Photos web and the media have helped spread this news like wild fire. I believe that it is not   a big deal many people have done thing like that and they are not being displayed and looked down upon like he is. Our soon to be president did crack and confessed to it in his book but no one is focusing on that. Why should this really matter? If you say that he is a role model well there are many others that can take his place as a role model so I don’t buy it he doesn’t have to be the sole role model in children’s lives.

Best 25 Financial Blogs

This site offers links to the best 25 financial blogs. As we are together managing to create a fabulous blog, why not take a look at those professional ones.As is argued in this essay, “these blogs have a level of financial support that independent blogs do not enjoy. Their writers are paid salaries.” They must be inspiring to us! Check this out:,8599,1873144,00.html


Pleix – Birds

Pleix is a community of artists based in Paris. They are composed of 3D artists, musicians, and graphic designers. If you have any interest in art of any form (and any dog lovers out there), this is for you. Check out more cool works at their homesite:

….I’ve watched this countless times and my best answer for why the video is titled birds is because it looks like they’re flying…>_> also if anyone likes the song, it’s Vitalic – Poney pt.1