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Dead Man Found in River… Hoe Did He Die?

So I was on the Chicago Sun-Times News website this morning and something caught my eye. It was rather shocking to me. A man was reported missing a couple of days ago and on Tuesday a dead body was found in the Chicago River. The CSI people are not exactly sure if the dead man is the man that was reported missing because of the fact that his body was bloated. This sounds like an episode of CSI to me. It would be interesting to hear what you guys think might have happened after reading the article.,w-body-found-chicago-river-south-loop-050609.article

Donating Your Eggs

So this week during lunch a friends of mine was telling me how broke she is. We were giving her ideas on how she can make money. We told her she can beg for money, become a street performer, sell drugs, donate blood, be experimented on by big product companies, become a stripper, become an exotic dancer, or take surveys. We were all just kidding and laughing when we mentioned these ideas. One person mentioned that she can sell hers eggs. I’ve heard about this idea before, but I never really thought about how it is done, the money amounts, or the side effects. So I found this article that talks about donating your eggs.

Some of the procedures in clued several injections of hormones to hyper stimulate the ovaries.  Some donors experience abdominal swelling, tension and pressure in the ovarian area, bruising at injection sites, menopause-like symptoms, etc. The eggs are retrieved by a suctioning needed that is guided by an ultrasound. Because of the retrieval by the needle, some patients can experience structural damage to the organs. The article is really interesting. It shows that there is more to consider than just the amount of money you will be paid.

The Past and Now

I still have a strong connection to my community at home and to my old high school (which is in my community). I am always looking for new stuff about my high school on the web to see what is improving, who is going to college, emailing teachers about what is like within the school. It is a home for me till this day. I was constantly looking for new stuff about the high school that I never took time to look at the past and compare it to now. I was on Google and came across this video. I was a sophomore when this was made. This video is about the art program that was brought to our school through another program called reach-out for at risk youth. This program has really made a difference with the students and has made a difference on how they treat the school. Our school use to be trashed all the time. Once this program came along, people stopped and thought twice about writing on the walls because it was their paintings throughout the hallways. It got many of the students involved and gave them a different way to look at school, self expression, and life.

Evolution of the web

I know we have already decided about what we would like to dig more into as a class, but I have something that i wantyed to learn more about and just thought I share some of the articles with you guys. I wanted to learn more about web design, the construction and evolution of web-design, and what is considered good today. I would also like to know what works what doesn’t even though we are told generally not to do certain things and we do them anyway. I know we have briefly went over this, but i guess I would like to get more into the technical stuff.

Private Uses of Cyberspace

I never thought about women being the higher influence in writing fiction and the use of cyberspace for private space. Before reading the rest of the article, I tried to think about why that us. I would guess it would be because women felt intimidated and marginalized. It was the only space where they can be whoever they want to be and not be characterized, judged, or stereotyped. I find these reasons also true for others who choose to express themselves through cyberspace.

                      While reading, I really started to take into consideration the hidden passion that women do not show in the real world. This is the reason why they turn to the internet. They did not feel condoned to share their passions for the opposite sex or anything else that seemed private to the public. I think that it is sad that even though women have found another venue to express them, they still choose to suppress what they feel in reality and put it all into writing and into the virtual world. Why does it have to be that way?

                      Even though this article had a focus about women using fan culture as a venue to express themselves and form relationships, I think that this is also true for the opposite sex. In my opinion, the male sex seems to be shyer than the female sex. I would find that in the present they are the ones using the virtual world or the internet as a way to establish relationships (friendship or other). Also, when analyzing this information we have to take into consideration the age groups we are looking at.

                      I do not agree with the idea that women should only turn to the internet and writings to uncensor themselves, but I do agree with finding a way where you can feel comfortable letting go and sharing what is inside of you.

Sophie: A Rape in Cyberspace

Banned Commercials

I was with a friend the other day at I.T.S. studying and we decided to take a break. We went on Youtube to look up banned commercials. We wanted to see what kind of commercial did not make in onto television. We clicked on this Durex commercial and it was hilarious.

Can’t Step Foot Outside Your House Without Risking Your Life

Do you guys remember the blog post that I put up a couple of weeks ago about the 29th Chicago Public School Student that got shot to death? Well, here’s an update. The number has now increased to 31. It has been less than a month and 2 more students have died. This might not be the highlight of your day, and I don’t care if it bothers you that I continue to write about this. This is reality. It’s ridiculous that kids can’t even go outside and enjoy the day anymore because they might no make it home alive. It’s bulls***. This really gets me mad. What gets me even madder is that when I go home, nothing seems to change. The city puts a couple of squad cars around the “troubled” blocks, but after 2 weeks the squad cars are gone, and someone else gets shot. Then the system repeats. It’s like the same sh** different week. Some people have the option of moving to another area, but what about those who can’t afford to make that move? What is going to be done to protect these kids and the people in the community? Things are just getting worse.


In the article Pew Internet Project Data Memo, I was not surprised that 55% of teens that have created online profiles were predominately older girls. My opinion is that it is more typical for girls to use social networking profiles such as Myspace and Facebook than guys. I was also not surprised that 85% of teens who have created an online profile update or use their Myspace more. It seems like Myspace allows more room for creativity and it is more physically attractive and interactive than Facebook. I personally do not like Facebook. I prefer Myspace over Facebook because I am able to design my own layouts and create more of an identity for myself.

I liked the comparison with Myspace and Facebook (them being different in restrictions). It seems like Facebook has become more like Myspace in a sense that almost anyone can join. You don’t have to be part of a college like before. It does not seem as “closed” as before. I think that this puts people’s privacy ion Facebook more at risk since it is no longer as restricted as it was before.

In the other article Facebook’s Privacy Trainwreck, I really appreciate how Boyd brought up the idea of social information overload, “I feel invaded by data. Unable to manage, I go cold turkey and read nothing”. This is exactly how I feel with Facebook and that is one of the reasons why I choose not to interact on Facebook. There are too many updates on people that I don’t really talk to and too many event postings for me to go through and pay attention. The only reason why I have a Facebook is to talk to my friends in Chicago and exchange photos with them. Facebook is too much to maintain for me. It seems like Myspace is imitating Facebook more, and I am not liking it.

Boyd also mentions the idea of cognitive addiction to social information. I think that cognitive addiction to social information goes beyond structure like Facebook and Myspace. This also applies to e-mail. I know people who check their e-mail all day just to see if they got anything new in their inbox. It can become an addiction.


I remember using NAPSTER when I was like thirteen years old. My cousin use to download a lot of free music and my aunt use to be so happy. But then, within a few weeks of her being introduced to NAPSTER, she received a fine and her account was terminated. She had to pay a $400 fine. Back in the day the trading form was NAPSTER, but now it seems to be iTunes and LimeWire. It was interesting to see the difference in time with this article. When reading this I kept on forgetting that the article was published in 2000. Some of the statements mentioned like, “…though the average movie file is too large for widespread trading, increases in storage capacity and bandwidth will make movie piracy feasible in the near future,” my reaction was “this person is a little slow”.

I thought it was a bit of a stretch when Shane and Robert mentioned that the internet can be considered to some in the future to turn into some type of anarchy. The government is always involved and people are always being tracked and recorded. The internet will never turn into some type of anarchy. I did not understand what they meant when they stated that “markets only operate in the context of rules designed to protect the players”. Who are the players? Are the players the consumers or are they the celebrities? Is the market benefiting the celebrities in any sort of way?

I disagree with Shane and Robert in the statement “…if an industry changes the way it does a business, it should be a response to legitimate innovations, not a reaction to a technology-driven increase in crime”. I think that a technology-driven increase in crime is a legitimate reason. An industry has to change according to the environment they are in and around. A successful industry/business should be responsive to these types of issues.
I found it interesting when it said that “the Napster Service and its copy cats represent the biggest threat yet to the property rights of song writers, recording artists, and record companies.” I think that being able to put music on the internet was the biggest threat to song writers, recording artists, and record companies. Putting media on the internet is a risk in itself.