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Final Project

Here is the Final Project Please do enjoy do let us know how you like the Blog and the Website. Thank you for being great.

Sorry for the late drop and Help me please?

I don’t know if anyone else had this happen the program crashed without saving. I lost 20min of work but I caught back up. Here it is hope it is very interactive and thought provoking.

I don’t seem to have it working (copy and paste if it doesn’t work someone let me know

Day After Tomorrow Trailer(parody)

This is the second video that we made, the transitions were very hard to adjust but hopefully we did a decent job. The video combines the trailer of The Day After Tomorrow with the song A Whole New World for a bit of an ironic twist. There is also a strong environmental message that I hope everyone sees when they watch this trailer. Hope you enjoyed as much as we enjoyed compiling the piece together.



SORRY here is: My Bad Webpage

I hope every one enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making it!


There was something that I was thinking about during the entire class that I did not want to bring up so I decided to bring it up here. The whole question about “Were we curious about whom the other bloggers were? And that whole time I was thinking, “I was very curious” I even made assumptions about who was posting certain blogs. These assumptions were made by my observations in class, like those that seemed to have an adept knowledge of technology I figured were those that posted about technology, seeing as I assumed they were technology savvy. Even when I got the list I did not check it wasn’t till after this last class that I finally checked whom everyone was. I had gotten some right on the spot like the Superbowl 43 one I assumed it was a guy and of course it was one. I just assumed automatically because women tend to be less inclined to be sports fan. But I could have been completely wrong it might have been a die-hard woman fan. I have a curious nature so even though I had the list I did not care to check it I felt that scene of anonymity was calming. I figured if I gave a gender to anyone it would be less amusing. Gaming I feel is the same way I don’t think about gender when I play I just assume that all the players are male. I might be pushing my own gender onto other but it could also be that I have a vague knowledge that most gamers are males, the gamers that are women are a small percentage of the whole gaming world. (This may be a silly stereotype but if anyone actually knows any real hard data let me know.) But with this notion I just assume that most are males. In fact this reminds me of an episode of According to Jim where Jim’s wife was buying the same sports memorabilia as he and had made a screen name to chat with the other e-bay buyers when she realized the person she was chatting with was her husband. Soon she took on the role of the stereotypical man (something that we can relate to the test) to fool her husband into thinking he was talking to a man. Soon Jim became attached to the man the wife was personifying and is crushed when he finds out that his wife is his new best friend. I guess I am trying to say that I feel that technology, race, and gender do intertwine and that I was shock to find that I was the only one that was curious and a bit entertained by trying to figure out who was bloging what? Was I really the only one?

Technology used to incriminate is it a big deal?

Many of you may have heard about the Michael Phelps incriminating photo of him smoking out of a bong. Well technology has helped with that incriminating event. Photos web and the media have helped spread this news like wild fire. I believe that it is not   a big deal many people have done thing like that and they are not being displayed and looked down upon like he is. Our soon to be president did crack and confessed to it in his book but no one is focusing on that. Why should this really matter? If you say that he is a role model well there are many others that can take his place as a role model so I don’t buy it he doesn’t have to be the sole role model in children’s lives.


The main question that was brought to my attention from the reading was is rape only the literal term of physical unwilling penetration of can it be a mental “rape”? I believe that both can be happen after all the pen is mightier then the sword and words cut deeper then any knife can are some supporting quotes. I mean most of our feelings can come from physical or mental trauma and Cyber rape effects the mental stability. Some can argue the contrary and have quotes like sticks and stones can break my bones but words cant hurt me. I believe that this is false because words can have mental traumatic outcomes.


So we have a cool new gadget that seem sci-fi ish. It is a phone with blue tooth fuction, camera, MP3, and internet all in a voice actived capable watch. Plus it is touch screen picture talk and you see your self too. I feel like if this was economic people would be able to be a secret agent man. Another way computers effect our lives FASHION. I would love to see how this phone works in person.


Daily Life in Cyberspace

I read this and it was interesting how they came to the Wells idea. But what really got my attention because it triggered a memory was the “Original Hackers” I watched a Documentary(I don’t claim any copyrights they all belong to the Discovery Channel, Just for saftey) called “Discovery Channel: The History of Hacking” which introduces those original hackers. The reading reminded me of how those hackers got together just like he did at the convention. The original hackers use to hack phones with a Captin Crunch Whistle and then they involved to co founder of the Apple computer Steve wazniak and the computer. So I thought that it was an interesting fact you should all know

the video is

Monday Readings

The article talks about how the camera could have similar electron transmission, predicting the digital camera we have in present day society. He gets into the subject of the possibility of compressing documents that are of various sizes to be movable and easily accessible, aka predicting the computer and printer. The description of a laptop or “personal memory that works a great speeds” is also introduced. He then introduces applications that the computer the size of a desk could have and what it can accomplish.

I find it very intriguing viewing the primitive aspects of computing but I got confused with the whole human computer and how the electrics circuits work at the end.

I laughed at some points because I am taking Intro to Computer Science and some of the concepts are exactly how computers work. I mean I guess computer existed at the time the article was written but the primitive ones not the Macs or laptop we use now. But the classes mixed together perfectly it made me laugh. I don’t know how formal this blog is supposed to be but I hope not too formal?

The second article was not a intriguing as the first in my opinion. The way the article was stated was no technical to me. I hardly understood it; if anyone wants to enlighten me feel free! I feel this article could have been a bit more entertaining the ending was some what enjoyable it made me think of Terminator and the concept of the machine becoming more human to the point they surpass humans.

I am assuming in the future I should avoid the summary as seeing we all have to do the reading but I just wanted to add length to my first blog. I am going to be a bit informal and add/end with a smiley face ☺