awesome photographer: David Maisel

For my final project in History of Photography, I was assigned to put together a collection of images that I would choose to put in a museum exhibition. All of my photos were united by the theme of nature, and how mankind has been (generally) so terrible and exploitive to the land, the earth. One photographer whose works I have been particularly influenced by is David Maisel. He photographs the land from an aerial perspective, capturing land that has undergone mining, chemical intervention, and human impact. A lot of times, it’s hard to tell exactly what he is photographing because the vantage point is so surreal. What’s so strange is that the photos are absolutely beautiful, but of something so destructive. I’ve directed you to his webpage, but check out his different projects (on the left-hand side)…some really cool ones are “Oblivion,” “Terminal Mirage,” “The Lake Project,” and “The Mining Project.”

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