Wikipedia, personally, is the ultimate form of collaborative work. Think about it, a encyclopedia made up by the collaborative knowledge of millions of people out there. If someone told me about this idea before I’ve seen Wikipedia actually work, I’d have dismissed it instantly, laughing at the person that it is just so unrealistic.

How is it possible? Marshall Poe couldn’t really explain it, and even the creators of Wikipedia couldn’t really explain how it all happened. Well, the best explanation I could possibly come up with is that each individual has an area of interest, and with an enormous amount of people using Wikipedia, all those individual addition of knowledge has led to this massive database.

It is indeed a truly amazing database. Yet it has its flaws. Because it wasn’t exactly created by professionals, it definitely lacks in accuracy, although a lot of wiki-users try to fix those problems every day. The fact that a good number of college professors do not take WIkipedia as a valid source of an academic essay certainly proves this point.

To show you a funny, yet very sharp criticism of such faults of Wikipedia, I’ll post a youtube video that will explain a lot.


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